petak, 1. svibnja 2015.



1. Accomodation in sport hall/school (on hard floor), parking place for camper vans and camping place for tents are for free (no fee). Please book it in online entry.

2. We will host IOF TrailO Event Advisor Clinic led by Owe Fredholm in Varaždinske Toplice. Clinic will be part of Event.

3. In FAQ page we will publish your questions and answers reciewed by e-mail. 

4. The CRO-ITA-SLO TrailO Cup 2015 includes of 15 competitions, as shown in the calendar. Two competitions will be organized in Varaždin (Stage 1) and Lužec (Stage 2). 

5. Overall TrailO winner of TempO and both TrailO competitions will be decided on sum of rankings on these competitions - competitor with lowest sum is the winner (for example - first in TempO, fifth and eight TrailO competition - sum is 14). In case of same sum, competitor with best individual result has the advantage (1+5+8 =14 is better than 3+4+7=14).

6. Due to large number of entries (more than 100), all TRAILO first start times will be at 13h. Competitors who arrive later (e.g. due to footO or travel - planes/buses/trains) will be allowed to start provided that they arrive not later than the last start. Start lists will be adjusted to accommodate competitors (those who are late will start upon arrival, while if competitor is not at the start next one may take his/her place to speed up starting procedure).  

7. Upon arrival and payment/entries, competitors should check if their entry fee receipts fulfill their specifications/requests (e.g. addressed to club or federation). In case of any issues, contact the organizer during the competition day. Please, consider that due to race organization it may not be possible to work on it immediately but it will be resolved in shortest possible time.

8. Free entry for competitors on swimming pools (open and closed, as well as other available contents) in Varaždinske Toplice on Monday. Swimming pools are at Hotel Minerva where the competition centre is located. Swimming pools are open from 9 to 20h. Bring your swimsuits. 

9. Bulletin 2 is available on the website. It is easy to download. Please print out your own copy because the organizer will NOT have printed copies to all competitors or clubs. 
 Anyone who has a problem with can take Bulletin 2 HERE


Saturday - Varaždin

Refreshments by the organizer - water.
Food and drinks are available in the local bars and restaurants.

Sunday - Lužec
Refreshments by the organizer - water.
Also, free bean stew will be available for all competitors. Drinks and additional food (barbecue) will be available for purchase.

Monday - Varaždinske Toplice
Refreshments by the organizer - water. Other drinks are available in the hotel bar.
A special menu has been agreed at the restaurant at the competition center.
Price: 22 kn (3 euro)
Regular menu: Cordon blue (chicken filet), rice, salad
Vegetarian menu: vegetables, rice, salad
Other meals available at regular prices. 

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